Reserve Bank Of India Approves Amalgamation Of Maratha Sahakari Bank Ltd. With The Cosmos Co-operative Bank Limited

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Published 29 May 2023

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given its approval for the voluntary amalgamation of Maratha Sahakari Bank Ltd., based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with The Cosmos Co-operative Bank Limited, located in Pune, Maharashtra.

This significant decision, made under the powers conferred by the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, will come into effect on May 29, 2023. The amalgamation scheme aims to strengthen the banking sector and streamline operations, leading to enhanced services for customers.

Under the approved scheme, all branches of Maratha Sahakari Bank Ltd., Mumbai, will operate as branches of The Cosmos Co-operative Bank Limited, Pune. This integration will ensure a seamless transition for customers and enable them to continue their banking activities without interruption.

The Cosmos Co-operative Bank Limited is well-established and known for its customer-centric approach, which will further enhance the banking experience for the customers of Maratha Sahakari Bank Ltd.

The decision to amalgamate these two banks was taken in line with the RBI's efforts to promote financial stability and sustainable growth in the banking industry. The RBI's meticulous evaluation process, adherence to regulatory norms, and consideration of the interests of all stakeholders have contributed to the sanctioning of this scheme.

By combining the strengths and resources of both banks, the RBI aims to improve efficiency, increase operational effectiveness, and strengthen the overall stability of the banking system.

This voluntary amalgamation between Maratha Sahakari Bank Ltd. and The Cosmos Co-operative Bank Limited is expected to create synergies, resulting in a more robust and resilient banking entity. Customers of both banks can look forward to an expanded range of services, wider branch network, and enhanced technological capabilities.

The amalgamation will facilitate the seamless sharing of expertise, resources, and best practices, ultimately benefiting the customers and promoting the growth of the banking sector.

The RBI's decision to approve this voluntary amalgamation reinforces its commitment to fostering a stable and competitive banking environment in India. The central bank continues to play a pivotal role in regulating and supervising the banking sector, ensuring the safety and soundness of financial institutions, and safeguarding the interests of depositors and stakeholders.


Disclaimer: This article is a summary of the press release issued by the Reserve Bank of India. For more detailed information, readers are encouraged to refer to the original press release and relevant regulatory documents available on the official website of the Reserve Bank of India.